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Ahmet Cafero lu. Budapest- I cild. Leipzig Volume 2, Chikago, Illinoys. Derleyen Veibe Davuti.

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Fatih Universitesi Derleyen Aptulla Battal, stanbul Derleyen Ahmet Cafero lu. Moskva- Volume 1, Part II. Volume 3 Chicago, Illinoys. New York Columbian University Budapestini Volume 20 Chicago, Illinoys. Volume 17, Part II. IV cild. Volume 4. Weisbaden Haz rlayan Ramiz kb r. Bak III cild. Volume 19 Chicago, Illinoys. Volume 11, Part II. Volume 8.

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Volume 7. II cild. Volume Leyden Hinke W. Volume 5. Volume 17, Part III. Volume 6. Volume 10, Part I. Volume 11, Part I. Volume 10, Part II. Volume 17, Part I. Sergey Starostin. HUE — If having trouble getting the right hue tone on an object that seems to clearly be a good match, try briefly moving the camera away to an item of a different hue to allow the camera to readjust its white balance.

Another option is to fill the screen with the object in question and allow the camera to adjust, while experimenting with how much light is let in between the camera and the object. Your screen will be filling up with the colored squares and your job is to clear them off the screen. The camera button on screen will change to the color you are aiming at and when it matches the tile you want to remove, you tap the button and the tile disappears.

As matches are made, points are earned. The more matches in a row the more points. A few tips about the game, it works better in well lit areas. The game can get fast but if your camera has issues this could effect your score. Download for iPhone Download for iPad. The choice is yours. Urki and the rest of the creatures are looking forward to welcoming you. Do you want to come in? Evil Sushi Squish has 50 levels of challenging squishy fun.

This game is perfect for all ages and skill levels. This is not just another ordinary tap game! Unfortunately, she has an evil twin sister that is jealous of her sushi-making abilities and has challenged her to a sushi stand off. With jealousy in her heart, the evil twin gave her sushi evil powers. Smart little Geisha needs you to help her by squishing out the Evil Sushi till there is no evil left.

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Over 8,, people have played iDragPaper! Have you ever had the impulse to drag the whole roll of toilet paper at one go? Now you can realize your evil idea just in iDragPaper! More in this paid version: 1. Global online leaderboard! One more game mode. Advanced mode. Twice as many paper patterns to choose from as in free version 4. No ad-banners. I could not have liked a better game than this one. Someone like it, someone hate it. To make your choice, download and play! We tried to find the best strategy to unroll the paper, back n forth finger sliding, long strokes from top to bottom, short strokes, turning the phone toward you, away from you, and a bunch of other ideas.

My nephew Mark had the best time at 9 seconds.

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  • Click Start to start the game. Swipe the screen to drag the toilet paper. Drag the paper as fast as you can and possibly you are in the top of the world.

    Take the challenge now and have fun! We remain the famous bug in this mode. Wish you good luck to unroll the paper in 1 second! Pay attention to the speed bar on the top.

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    It shows how fast the paper is dragged. That will cost extra time! Just be careful! The blocks are back but with a new challenge. With the new Time Trial mode, not only must you twist and turn to avoid the cubes, but tilt forward and back to be the fastest through the course.


    Featuring: Fast 3D graphics Intuitive controls — use the built-in accelerometer to fly across the terrain. Original Cube Runner game included and new Time Trial mode. Internal level editor — create and test your own levels from within the game. Internal Object editor — no longer are you confined to just cubes — and each level can have up to 26 different objects. You can also customise your ship! Stackable blocks — no longer are you limited to single blocks, now create bridges, tunnels, walls, etc Email your created levels for others to play.

    enter site Download levels created by others. Featured Apps. January 10,