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While helicopter tours and boat tours are an option for viewing the Na Pali coast, you can also catch a gorgeous view at the Kalalau Lookout. And you might even spot some wild chickens roaming around the parking lot! There are so many gorgeous waterfalls all over Kauai, but my favorites are the Wailua Falls and Opaekaa Falls. My favorite beach on the island Lumihai!

You can snorkel limited in one area, have nearly flat water in one area, or go out toward the rock area and sit in a wave pool…so cool. There is a beautiful hike on the North shore of island where the road ends. You can hike either miles, 4 miles or 17!

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There is a huge bay there were you can rent paddle boards. You drive your car deep in to woods, grab your styrofoam boards and float down a river in a cave —need to bring a head lamp— into an opening of a great blue pool, with rope swing and waterfall. Be sure to take a sunset cruise to the Napali Coast. Kauai coffee is also fun to visit.

Those are my top Kauai Travel Tips. Important, because the Wettest Spot on Earth is Mt. Waialeale on Kauai! One week is bare minimum, 10 days is nicer, two weeks is even better. The key is finding lodging that does not charge too much, make sure you ask about all the taxes to, as they are high. No need to be right on the beach, a block away can cut prices a lot.

Hawaii - Travel Kauai - Best island vacation in the world

Hope this helps. Went as a teenager. We drove the entire island!!! Glass beach was amazing. We visited so many gorgeous places.

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I remember the drive was so beautiful to the Canyon!!! Kauai was my favorite island out of all I visited! The bridal caves are awesome!!! I loved the beautiful place we stayed, They encouraged us to pick the flowers, walk on the grass, partake in the luau, and taste every fruit the island had to offer! Kauai is our favorite island. Kayaking is so fun on Kauai. My favorite is Wailua River kayak then hike day trip. Kalalau trail is my favorite trail on the island, but there are sooo many other that are very beautiful.

You can hike the first 2 miles of Kalalau or go all the way 11 miles I believe. We have done the 11 miles once a long time ago. For the first timers you have to take the boat trip around Napali Coast. I liked that way better then the helicopter tour. We have never done the zipline there but I hear its a lot of fun. And of course so many amazing, beautiful beaches, snorkling, swimming and just relaxing soaking up that Hawaiian sun. Good food, live music in the evening, great atmosphere. If you would like to go on the less expensive side there are so many condos you can rent.

Have lunch up at the top. Also drive the side with the lighthouses… amazing! Hanalei Colony Resort on the North end was amazing. Had the tranquil beach to ourselves much of the time. Hanalei was our favorite town and the drive there is absolutely beautiful. Sigh…I wanna go back now. It saved a lot of money and was like we were living like the locals. We stayed 7 days near Kapaa on the east side of the island and 4 days in the Hanalei area North Shore.

Spent a lot of time relaxing at hidden beaches, hiking to beautiful places, and eating delicious shave ice. I would have to say my favorite thing we did was get married on the island. Also Snorkeling Tunnels Beach. We went last year and found an even less expensive place to stay the next time we go. There are ton of hiking places within Canyon!

20 Postcards From Kauai, Hawaii

We fell in love with Hawaii in after our honeymoon, and we have gone back almost every year since. One new thing we will try in Kauai is the Sugar Cane tubing adventure as recommended by a friend. So laid back and easy going. Very quiet on the south side of the island. But the North shore is amazing!!!!

A Guide to Visiting the Hawaiian Islands

Totally wanna go back. Also taking a catamaran around the Napali coastline was breathtaking. We also went zip lining and tubing in the old sugar plantations. Lots of fun. The tubing is in old sugar plantation canals!!! You go through many tunnels get to wear headlamp. The scenery is beautiful on the old plantations. And most of the tours offer a lunch.

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Went to the Fern Grotto a couple weeks ago. Still amazing. It is amazing; the flowers, the canyon, the rain everyday!! Be prepared for high prices though! Go check out the Waimea Valley and the Fern Grotto. They provide all of your equipment and two meals while taking you to three different places for snorkeling. My favorite day in Hawaii! I forgot the name of the outdoor group I believe there are two , but the one we went on was on the South side.

If you go to Kauai once, you will want to go back. We visited Polihale State Park, and have done hiking , kayaking, sightseeing, and laying on the beach. My only advice is stay long enough to see the island. You have to see east and west as well to really appreciate the beauty and serenity of Kauai. And since you are all frugal… keep in mind that all parks and trails are free. You do sure need to be in good physical condition.

We only saw the coast from inland and that was breathtaking. Enjoy a guided Kauai garden tour and any one of the beautiful botanical gardens is a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon and even learn about some of the varieties of rare plants that you may not see anywhere else on the planet. Nowhere is the awe of plant life and beauty more evident than the lush island of Kauai. Kauai has a series of man-made canals and tunnels that were designed to bring water from the waterfalls and streams of Mt.

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  • Waialeale to provide irrigation for sugar cane fields around the island. These amazing waterways have provided a new type of unique adventure for vacationers in Kauai. The flow of water sends you into a fun and relaxing ride through mountainside flumes and tunnels that emerge to gorgeous remote locations. As with every activity in Kauai make sure to bring your sun wear, waterproof shoes or sandals, and bug repellent is recommended. Contact the concierge for more information on this once in a life time opportunity to mountain tube through one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

    Ride along across foothills near the coast, along bluffs, past breathtaking beaches and bays, across sugar cane fields and even waterfalls.