Hell or High Water (Lost and Found, Inc. Book 1)

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This was a great collection of stories! My favorite was the first, Clara and Neill's story, and it frankly was not long enough! The last story, however, lost the book a star by falling a bit flat. The characters and plot had lots of potential but felt rushed and underdone. For example, we're told four times that Grace was a former teacher and is expecting, but don't get to spend long enough with the characters t This was a great collection of stories!

For example, we're told four times that Grace was a former teacher and is expecting, but don't get to spend long enough with the characters to be told anything twice except that Mark's eyes are blue. And normally I love Connealy stories. Sep 07, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-romance , 19th-century-america , favorites , gentleman-like-heroes , own-on-kindle , romance , owned , historical-romance , best-of I've rated each story individually as I went, because I'm a loser and made them all count for my book challenge very lame, I know!

It even made me rethink my statement about how I didn't like novellas. Those ones were really awesome!! If you want to see my reviews for each story If you enjoy romance set in the 19th century in the US, you will surely find this collection delightful. I strongly, strongly recommend it! View all 5 comments.

Feb 11, Jen.

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Four authors. Four novellas.

One matchmaker. I loved this book!! This was such a great idea — one common matchmaker in the first three stories, with her identity finally revealed in the last novella. Karen Witemeyer knows how to pack in the punches when it comes to novellas. Absolute page turner! The story was perfect — I loved this! An Unforeseen Mat Four authors. This was hands down my personal favorite in the collection. It was heartbreaking and tender.

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I absolutely loved how it all came together. I just loved this! No Match for Love by Carol Cox — This novella was the most prayerful and had the most faith content of the four stories. I loved the idea behind this story! Loved the characters — Aunt Marta was awesome! Loved the mystery! Loved how this turned out! Meeting Her Match by Mary Connealy — The matchmaker is finally revealed and has the tables completely turned on her — and it is hilarious!!! I simply loved how this story unfolded! Rest assured — I highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, fans of action and adventure, and fans of well written, fun books!

View 2 comments. Mar 12, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-fiction , historical-fiction. What happens when four great authors meet and decide to work together to make a collection of short stories? There is only one answer. They make a great book! And this one is definitely a book I cannot help but recommend. Reading this book was a beautiful experience. There were touching moments, lovely scenes and funny parts, everything a reader may want in a book. If you would like to read my thoughts on each novella, just click on the links below.

View all 4 comments. Jan 05, Dorcas rated it liked it Shelves: romance , historical-fiction , western , christian , feather-light. I'm being generous here with 3 stars I really do.

But this collaboration was disappointing. Pregnant widow meets handsome handyman. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Seriously that's all you need to know. I've just saved you two hours. Y I'm being generous here with 3 stars You're welcome. If this is your first K.

Never read anything By Regina but this was good! A school teacher has to start over when she loses her sight glaucoma? There's plenty of grit and determination in this story on the parts of both characters. Theres longing and misunderstandings and its just very good. My eyes pricked with tears a few times which is always a good sign.

Just did not hold my interest at all. Is she getting dementia or is someone trying to scare her off her land? Don't know, don't care. I hardly know what to say I'm blushing with embarassment! Ok, I'm being sarcastic.. Young woman turned out of family home when father remarries. Extreeeeeeemly shy bankers son is madly in love with said young woman but can never get up his courage to woo her. Long story short: the townspeople have to join forces to "compromise" them and force a wedding.


A Match Made in Texas

Sorry-o this one was too far fetched for words. Bottom Line: Not worth 9. Sep 27, Emilee rated it it was amazing. This book was awesome! The four novellas flowed together splendidly! This is a special group of authors, I hope they get together again for another book! I love historical romance and this one did not disappoint. The characters are all easy to relate to.

The romance is very sweet maybe even a little steamy! The setting was perfect, I wish I could go there to visit. I highly recommend this book! View 1 comment. Jul 03, The Literary Maidens rated it it was amazing Shelves: madi-s-read. I was so excited to hear about this book's release! This book is a little gold mine, that's what it is! Who wouldn't want to read four novellas written by such amazing women? I went into this book with high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed. I haven't read anything by Carol Cox or Regina Jennings, but I have read several books by both Mary Connealy an I was so excited to hear about this book's release!

I haven't read anything by Carol Cox or Regina Jennings, but I have read several books by both Mary Connealy and Karen Witemeyer, and they both have one thing in common; they both write fantastic western romance novels. I couldn't think of a better collage of authors.