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What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Other than some few traits that many successful entrepreneurs share, being a self-starter.

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Why might I do this? Kayla, Wisconsin. It's containing. It provides a boundary for an area of your body that's vulnerable.

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I often get my clients to position their hands over their tummy for that feeling of support and emotional containment. Really good resources, thank you! Can crying be considered as self-soothing?! I hear some would even describe it as cleansing yourself of negative or harmful emotions. Mimi, Las Vegas, Nevada. Absolutely, crying can indeed be soothing Mimi. I agree totally. In fact, it's an opportunity most folks don't know how to make the most of. If you accompany your tears with a feeling or image of being comforted, your healing can go double deep.

Definitely more on the subject My bed feels like the safest place to be during difficult times. Curling up under the covers calms me down and makes me feel safe and secure.

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Sometimes, watching therapeutic massage videos especially head, neck, shoulder massage gives me a much needed release. Its also helpful when I can't sleep. I recommend getting under the covers quite often to my clients so I am glad to see you posted it. It's true isn't it I'm reminded by your suggestion ET how often when I initially mention it to others, I get the response that folks feel guilty.

Even though their body is giving a strong message to do so they undermine their own healing instincts. So even if they do manage to get under covers, their experience is just not the same because they're in their thoughts berating themselves instead of enjoying the cozy, safe feeling. And, it never occurred to me to watch massage videos - what a good idea. I'll have to try that. I'm 15 and I absolutely love rocking myself when im upset or tired a more acceptable way for me to rock is a rocking chair.

But in the privacy of my room I air on the floor Indian style and rock.

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Makes me feel good no one knows I do it and im embarrassed. But I love it is it normal.

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Absolutely it's normal Lecia. We rock babies to soothe them - we know instinctively that it calms them down. That we feel the urge to "rock" years later doesn't make any less valuable. Unfortunately, in our modern age, we've become so distanced from our own body signals we get ashamed or even alarmed at what is actually natural and human. I think it's because our culture tends to place a higher status and value on left brain intellectual pursuits.

My daughter 5years old is often overcome with emotions. It can be very difficult to help her calm down. Any suggestions to help a little one self-soothe? She is developmentally delayed and had a difficult first year of life but is doing well now. Thanks for any help. Your attention your daughter's emotional upsets is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure her later happiness and ability to manage emotions and stress as an adult.

I'm sure you already know this instinctively Kathy but sometimes given all the competing parenting messages out there it gets lost:. Picking her up and holding her, rocking her and using a soothing tone of voice are the best strategies for helping her calm down. Overtime, this will help develop her capacity to do this on her own. You see, she'll internalize your voice.

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The body hears first! Don't worry that she may need more comforting than another child her age. Owing to her early tough start, she requires a little more tender loving care. Give her the comforting power of touch and soothing voice and over time she will require less. She will learn to develop her own capacity to self-soothe. Now, I'm not saying to frantically rush over and soothe her at any small sign of emotional upset that can get in her way for developing the capacity for self-soothing.

You see, crying per se is not the problem. Rather, not being consistently consoled when we do poses one of the greatest risks for the developing brain of infants and young children. A baby or child left to cry too often can lead to a hypersenstivity to stress. In other words, extended periods of time when a child is not soothed can be harmful to the developing brain. Kathy this may be old news to you but transitional objects like stuffed toys can also be used.

During moments when things feel out of control for her "stuffies" can be a powerful backup. I suggest sitting with your daughter, grabbing her favourite "stuffy" and all three of you taking in the comfort. That way, when you're not around, she has her "stuffy" to help her navigate these emotional storms. The memory of the three of you will be close by. And if you've been reading elsewhere on this site, the capacity of your nervous system to self-soothe and regulate emotions goes a long way in helping your daughter learn how to do this for herself.

You see, we can only help contain emotions in another individual to the degree that we can contain them within ourselves. That means keeping your nervous system in tip top shape Including my Brain Coaching Program Because it's our own awareness to ourselves that lets us know what's going on for others.

Most Moms will know that when they're stressed, their children get stressed. There's one more important idea that I'd like share with you Kathy. Chances are your daughter will have a hard time adjusting to change. You may want to avoid situations where she gets overwhelmed. Yet, we know that developmentally new experiences are necessary for growth. So what to do? The best way to handle this is to titrate any new experience for her. In other words, take baby steps in adjusting to the new situation.

So here's an example. Let's say, you're planning to go to a different park. This may or may not pose a problem for your daughter but if it does, I'd play with her in the new park first instead of sitting on the sidelines.

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Then when she seems settled in, take a few steps back adjusting as necessary. Then apply this same strategy for any new activity or venture. I curl up in a ball in bed, on my side and gently rock myself to sleep. Sometimes I am unaware that I am doing it. When I realize it then I know that something is just not right in my world and I try to figure out what is going on and talk to a therapist!! That's taking things in hand. And the rocking is perfect.

In case you weren't aware of it, rocking tends to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system i. And staying under covers, soothes the reptilian brain. Good on ya! I am with Sequoia on this one.